Effective means to achieve the desired effect so the phrase effective web development must mean to fit the purpose for which the website was created for. In other words, to meet requirements. A requirement, one would think, would be most effectively communicated by the individual who requires the website, in this case the business owner. The business owner, afterall, understand his and her business better than anyone else. But this decision maker doesn’t generally understand the field of web design and how the internet can help the business. Therefore, he or she requires guidance from the internet market, web designer of IT professional. In other words, the requirements must be extracted or the end solution may not accurately solve the original problem. This is because we may not really understand the original problem because we did not examine the business and its web design requirements thoroughly enough. Have a look at Blitz Marketing for more info on this.

But what if the business owner is still not happy with the finished product even though we believe that the solution has been designed based on a proper understanding of the problem. Perhaps the dissatisfaction is due to some uncertainty in the business owner about the project. Have they changed their mind since commissioning the web designer to undertake the project? Could the web designer have misinterpreted the problem in the first place? Could the business owner be more interested in his or her own desires and preferences for the solution than the effect it will have on the target market? It is true that many web solutions do take on elements of preference of the various stakeholders who are involved in their creation but the target market must ultimately like the end product.

So what makes effective web designs? Those which follow a clearly defined process which covers, in adequate detail, all the aspects of the web development process that are necessary to achieve a satisfactory solution. Now it is worth noting that satisfactory is not always adequate for many large scale marketing solutions but perhaps adequate isn’t the most appropriate term to use here. Ticking all the boxes or meeting all objectives are perhaps more fitting phrases to describe what we are looking for when creating not only a website but an effective internet marketing solution that can create new business. What most web projects require is that special something that will differentiate their project and, essentially, their marketing message from the rest of the messages out there. This is what effective web design is. A solution that not only meets all essential criteria but delivers that extra special element. That edge.