There have been no conclusive studies to link kratom use to any major long-term or short-term health concerns. Given that kratom is an organic stimulant, it is free of many of the harmful synthetic compounds and chemicals often found in substances that are often the focus of health concerns. The biggest identified and confirmed health risk of kratom use is the sometimes sudden onset of drowsiness, as the analgesic effects of the stimulant are not always felt immediately. The possibility of sudden drowsiness or fatigue means that individuals should avoid operating vehicles, machinery, or performing other potentially hazardous tasks. Visit for more details.

Kratom can be habit forming to some degree, although many users compare the “addiction” that forms to that which can develop after repetitive caffeine use. In Thailand, where some communities have estimated daily usage rates of upwards of 70% of the male population (chewing between 10-60 leaves per day), there have been reports of more serious cases of addiction and withdrawals. Despite the current lack of evidence to suggest harmful health effects of kratom use, it must also be recognized that there is a relative lack of research in the field at the present time. The following is a few tips to keep in mind before you make your first kratom purchase:

Kratom is considered alternative or herbal medicine to some, but in some American states and some countries the leaf is banned. Before making any purchases, either online or locally, research whether or not it is legal to buy and possess kratom in your area.  If it isn’t, the only advice here is to avoid making the purchase altogether.

Local directories/classifieds like Craigslist and Backpage will have some distributors listed, and you may even come across some local shops that advertise there. This route isn’t inherently bad, as some listings are legitimate, but keep in mind that anyone can create listings, and not all those who use them as a platform are forthcoming.  If you can’t find a secondary source to verify the seller’s claims, stay away.

Stay away from exotic strains and extracts until you’ve gotten the lay of the land. Not only is it physically daunting to come in with the most potent strains, but these tend to be more expensive.  A high-quality Green Malay, Bali, or Indonesian should give you a solid foundation for further exploration.